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Thank you so much to you and the translators for all your hard work. I will happily recommend your services to fellow colleagues and look forward to using your services in the future. I am very well pleased. I wish you all the best wishes.

Anh Dong

Make your book accessible to your readers worldwide, irrespective of the language!

Your words have the power to impact millions of lives, make them accessible to those seeking that knowledge. Professional Translations' Book Translation services are designed to seamlessly convey the essence of your work to readers from across the globe in the language they understand.

5.5X   Times more readership in non English countries

67% Books are published in non English countries

72% Of customers give preference to content in their native language

Our Book Translation Solutions

Our book translation service is aimed at offering you end-to-end solution from translation to book production. You write a book in one language, and we will give you a print-ready and digital version in the language you desire.

Book Translation

Overcome the challenge of ‘discoverability’ by getting your book translated.

Our expert translators incorporate cultural nuances in translations to make the content relevant for local audiences while retaining the original meaning and style. With linguistic and subject expertise, our translators are equipped to handle all complex and multiple overlapping themes encompassed in a single book to deliver a superior quality output. We only assign translators who are masters in creative writing, understand the publishing process, and possess the cultural sensitivity to ensure that the translated version reflects what the author wanted.


Daunting task?
Not anymore!

You have put so much of yourself in writing the book, so we try to make it easier for you then on. We go beyond translation in getting your work accessible to a wider audience by offering you print and digital production services. From compelling designs and graphics to typesetting and indexing, our services will make your book print-ready in the languages of your choice. With an increasing number of readers consuming digital content, we leverage our technological expertise to offer a superior quality digitized version of your manuscript to capture this audience.

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"Great translation! I skimmed through it and the translations are very accurate and very professional. I am quite pleased with this outcome.
Thank you for your hard work.

Anh Dong

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